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JTConnect creates the link between health and employment

Published on 28 Sep 2020

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The team at Johnathan Thurston Academy is proud to be working with students from Cairns and Logan to inspire them to dream big when it comes to employment – and show them how it can change their lives for the better.

JT Academy’s JTConnect program encourages young adults to step outside their comfort zones when it comes to employment by marketing themselves for opportunities that come their way. The program also looks at healthy workplaces – and their rights and responsibilities at work.

While healthy minds and bodies are not normally a topic discussed when discussing employment opportunities, the importance is highlighted during the program. With the high levels of chronic disease in our First Nation people, it is essential to highlight the importance of current health issues, and how employment can play a part in improving mental and physical health in individuals and families.

JTConnect links employment information and messaging with health education initiatives, inspired by program partner Deadly Choices.

Johnathan Thurston Academy’s Managing Director Johnathan Thurston said programs like JTConnect are incredibly important as they equip our young adults with the vital tools they need to seek and retain employment.

“I’m really proud of the JTConnect program and working with our key partner Deadly Choice,” JT said. “By combining health and employment as a focus, we are truly arming our young people with the right toolkit and attitude to make healthy choices – with their lives and their future careers.”

As part of the program, Deadly Choices discuss various health initiatives including quitting smoking, healthy eating, physical activity, and mental health.

Through the JTConnect program, education is now being provided around income and employment and the important role it plays in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

IUIH CEO Adrian Carson highlighted the strength of the partnership between Deadly Choices and JTConnect to work towards closing the gap at the JTConnect jersey launch last month.

“There is clear evidence of the link between health, education, and employment outcomes and so working alongside JT Academy as a JTConnect Program Partner is helping us to connect with our young people to increase engagement and to facilitate aspiration to deadly careers pathways,” Adrian said.

At various JTConnect workshops, Deadly Choices will also run their Good Quick Tukka program and provide some great initiatives to encourage regular health checks.

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