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Published on 26 Oct 2018

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Johnathan Thurston

The Johnathan Thurston Academy is taking employment back to basics, where employment is simply about introducing good people into good jobs.

The JT Academy doesn’t get involved in any funded training or any job network funding. We are definitely not an RTO.  Instead we are taking employment back to the very basics where everything begins with job, then introducing the jobseeker to the employer.

We’re proud to be the facilitator of introductions. We’ve got a fully functional recruitment platform along with amazing employment initiatives that bring together jobseekers and employers to meet in the same zone.

We are fast becoming the number one hotspot for employment; our job board is growing on a weekly basis.

In some cases, some of our employers are getting up to three times the candidate attraction compared to what they previously receiving using other platforms. We aim to ensure that all opportunities for potential connections are exhausted and managed in the one zone.

We have the ability to attract some outstanding jobseekers far and wide. It is no surprise that Johnathan’s brand itself attracts huge jobseeker demand. It’s a very unique model in terms of creating and building pipelines of jobseekers for any industry or organisation.

The JT Academy has a fully functional job board and candidate management system in the back end. We’re forever tracking candidates on their employment journey and sourcing candidates with a strong focus on Indigenous, youth, unskilled and women employment initiatives.

We have a very strong network, partnerships, and direct links with some of Australia’s largest companies and industries.

The team at JT Academy believe we are a key link between employers and jobseekers. Employment activities at the Academy include sending out weekly JTHotjobs to our database, running community and school JTSucceed employment workshop. We also send JTWorkReady candidates to our employers.

Employment initiatives such as job matching, candidate profiling, jobseeker marketing and website activities are all things that we do for our clients. We also run targeted jobseeker searches and have a fully functional CRM with screening features and filters which is also available to our clients.

If you are an employer looking to attract a pipeline of targeted job seekers to your workforce, or if you simply have a role to fill, please click this link here.



Johnathan Thurston Academy pays the deepest respect to the Traditional Custodians of Country across Australia. We acknowledge and thank our Elders who demonstrated over 60,000 years of sustainable Indigenous business and ask them to guide us back on track to a more prosperous and purposeful future.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that this website may contain images or names of people who have passed away.