We know that supporting our nation’s youth and growing their skills helps to build their confidence and unleash their full potential. Johnathan Thurston Academy programs aim to empower individuals with confidence, courage, self-belief and incorporate wellbeing and mental health conversations in all our programs. Our goal is to create an ongoing pipeline of amazing individuals and leaders who will not only step up to influence policy and drive change, also developing those who will be ready and inspired to enter employment with full confidence.

Fundamental for the delivery of outcomes is the development of values, skills, and the programs ability to assist our participants in achieving sustainable positive life outcomes.

The Johnathan Thurston Academy aims to harness the potential of a powerful and positive networks for a sustainable long-term collaborative approach. Our programs encourage behavioural change, develop positive attitudes, and assist students in completing school and securing employment.

The Johnathan Thurston Academy is a community of learning through storytelling of personal growth and experience from one generation to the next. The Johnathan Thurston Academy participants achieve personal growth and life success through the inspiration of belief. However, the greatest lessons they learn from the Johnathan Thurston Academy and Johnathan’s messaging is learning how to inspire others to go on and achieve the same.

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JTLeadLikeAGirl is a standout program for young women, focused on developing leadership, teamwork, and other key skills that promote success throughout one’s life and career. We engage directly with young women through interactive and inspirational workshops exploring personal development and achievement.

Over the eight-month program, participants will hear from prominent industry leaders, participate in discussions about achieving goals; preparing for life’s challenges and utilising tools that are critical for personal, educational, and professional

Key program topics: self-belief, leadership, teamwork, holding the ladder up for each other, being bold, shining the light on other women, brilliance, confidence, personal and career goal setting and planning.

JTBelieve – School Engagement

After the incredible Queensland team took victory in State of Origin “game one” in 2016, Johnathan Thurston sent an uplifting message to students in Aurukun. His message was, “I just want you to believe in yourselves and keep turning up to school.”

JTBelieve programs are facilitated by ambassadors chosen by Johnathan and are designed to engage Grade 5 – 12 students and their families in education. The JTBelieve program is designed to help them learn about themselves and increase their confidence, courage, and self-belief to identify and take advantage of opportunities throughout life.

JT Academy ambassadors act as role models/mentors to support success in and outside school by encouraging participants and their families to build aspirations and achieve goals. The program delivers in-school mentoring which include presentations on motivation, behaviour, self-belief, resilience, culture, relationships, lifestyle, and careers.


JTSucceed – Employment Workshops

“Whether it’s getting that job, degree, or passing that exam, if you have self-belief, courage and confidence, YOU are the difference to achieving your dreams.”

JTSucceed is an intensive program, designed with industry consultation, to give young people the edge they need to gain and maintain employment.

The program is designed to accommodate the needs and capabilities of a wide range of participants. An integral element is empowering confidence, self-belief, and a change in mindset building courage within our participants to seek employment.

Workshops and topics include self-belief, courage and confidence, goals, dreams, ambition, behaviour and attitude, How to Find a Job (where to start, personal branding, getting a job, interview preparation and practice) Industry options in addition to inspiration pieces.

JTLeadership Workshops

A reward for effort. Supercharge your workforce or community leaders through inspiration and insight in a powerful workshop with Johnathan Thurston (one of Australia’s greatest leaders).

These sessions promote discipline, self-esteem, life skills, and leadership qualities. Suitable for a maximum of 20 employees or emerging leaders, it provides an intensive and engaging experience that reinforces community spirit with a team approach.

Each participant walks away with a new sense of personal and community pride, skills to be a productive leader, and an identified role they can play in community or workplace betterment.

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